How To Use Glo Bis On Android In 2017

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Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Glo Bis on Android is the cheapest data plan for Android users in Nigeria. The process involves changing your IMEI number from Android To Blackberry and then subscribing for Glo blackberry data bundle. In this article we’re going to take you through the process of changing your IMEI number and using Glo Bis on Android.

Glo Bis On Android : The Requirements

The process is easy and you can complete this in less than 10 minutes. Before we proceed , you’ld need to download the following files :

  • MTK Engineering : Download Here
  • BB IMEI Generator : Download Here

Now let me explain the function of each file above :

MTK Engineering : This is the most important app. It is the one that you will use to change your IMEI from Android to Blackberry.

BB IMEI Generator : This app will help you generate a blackberry IMEI number for FREE!!.

Now that you have understood the function of each file , let us proceed with the tutorial.

Using Glo Bis On Android : How To Change IMEI Number To Blackberry

Firstly , Use the BB IMEI Generator that you downloaded earlier on to generate a blackberry IMEI. Write the number out on paper.

Next , Open MTK Engineering App. Click on MTK Settings.




Swipe your screen to “Connectivity” , Click On CDS Information.




Click on “Radio Information”




Now , this next step is HIGHLY important!. The option you’re going to choose below depends on WHERE YOU PUT YOUR GLO SIM (i.e SIM SLOT IN YOUR PHONE).  If your  Glo sim is in SLOT 1 , click on “PHONE 1”. If your Glo sim is in SLOT 2 , Click on “PHONE 2”.




After selecting an option above , you will be directed to an Engineering Mode. That is where you will change your IMEI number.  Here you can see a command line with “AT+”.

Now , if you chose phone 1 ,  copy and paste this code AT+EGMR=1,7,”NEW IMEI NO”

If you chose phone 2 ,  copy and paste this code : AT+EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO”




Click on “Send At Command”.  If you see a message that says “AT Command Is mSent” its means that everything is correct. You can then reboot your device , change your accesspoint name and subscribe for glo blackberry data plan.

However , if you see a message that says “AT Command Is Not Allowed In Userbuild” , all you need to do is put a space between AT and +EGMR. After that , click on Send AT Command. See screenshot below :




Reboot your device and dial *#06# to confirm if your IMEI changed.

The next thing to do is to change your access point name. Navigate to Settings >> More >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Name. Select Glo network , click on “Add New”. Name it Glo Bis and in the APN field , type and leave others empty!. Save your file.




Subscribe for a blackberry data plan by using any of the codes below :


Glo Blackberry Subscription Plan Codes

Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Month (3GB) – 1,400 Naira, text BBCMonth to 777

Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Month (2GB) – N1,000, text CoMonth to 777

Once you’ve been activated , you can now browse with glo bis on android!!. That’s all. If you  have any issues , feel free to leave your comments.


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  • my imei is unable to be changed even though it say Atcomand is msent. pls help I’m running android 4.4.2
    I have also spaced d commands like this AT +
    pls help

  • @ Sunday.

    No difference. I guess the price has been reduced. I will update this post accordingly.


  • Chief Editor, pls, I want to know d advantage this has over normal Android Data now that Glo gives 3GB @ #1000 /30days, while your post says 3GB #1400 & 2GB @ #1000.

  • please what if you want to revert the imei back to android? that is if u’re no more interested in bb subscription.
    Also, what will happen if it’s a single sim phone?

  • Please what if it’s a single sim phone.
    Also, what if u want to revert it from the bb imei back to the real imei?

  • Did everything ezacly as said and it worked,but I can’t seem to browse,ah initially had 100 mb daily sub,is that y it can’t browse

  • I be tried tweaking two phones imei which I check the imei and it he been changed but yet I can’t surf or browse with it

  • please help me… my BB sub was working on my Android until 2 days back.. I think someone subscribe for 200 data plan with my phone cause I later got the message.. now dat sub has expired but d BB sub ain’t working.. Wat can I do… I still have 2917 data on the sub

  • Chief editor…i have been bowsering for some y now…..but i reset my phone(sumsung galaxyA9) and since den i have not been enable to bowser ….pls i need ur assistance ….

  • Chief editor…i have been bowsering for some y now…..but i rest my phone(sumsung galaxyA9) and since den i have been enable to bowser ….pls i need ur assistance ….

  • pls. sir have done it several time butthe response i got is
    AT command is sent: ERROR. pls help.

  • pls. sir have done it several time butthe response i got is
    AT command is sent: ERROR. pls help.

  • Good day Chief Editor,

    I have changed my IMEI 4rm Android to BB & I’ve been enjoying the package real good. Now comes a challenge: In attempt to extend my subscription b/4 expiration, I received a feedback “you are not allowed to extend ur sub.” So, I called Glo customer line & I was asked d type of BB I use but I just fabricate an excuse b’cos I don’t know.

    So, pls sir, how can I know d BB’s IMEI I’m now using?

    Thank you as I await ur response soonest.

  • Pls bro I hav already subscribe before I change my imel.
    I don’t now if that’s the reason y is not working for me.
    Pls bro what should I do

  • Pls sir, I’m using infinix x551 since the day I changed it IMEI my email is telling me internal error why, and I can’t download but I’ll brows finally I’m using Airtel sim card

  • When I tried opening mtk settings on the mtkengineeringmodeapp, it didn’t e open, rather it said “cannot find EngineerModeApp”




  • I hope u answer me dude…I use Tecno W4 its showing me error each time I try changing imei can u pls say something bout this? Cos someone asked this same question n u didn’t reply.

  • Chief Editor I commend u 4 ur wonderful work, but I hv noticed dat u’v answered a question asked by some ppl here. Though it’s a little bit out of context but still helpful. Does dis IMEI tweaking tricks works ONLY on GLO network? Pls respond.

  • I appreciate, lead to I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye


  • way out pls …my infinix hot2 OS Upgrade frm 4.0 to 6.0 but its not working out on this OS 6.0

  • For all of you having issues with “AT command not sent”. All u need to do is just to put a SPACE between “AT” and “+”. You’ll be surprisingly happy at the result.

    Also those that have done the necessary thongs but the MTK phone did not bring any data connection, go back to the access point settings u created and locate APN TYPE, make sure u mark “Default, Supl and Wap”… That’s all. Enjoy yourselves….

  • am using techo w4…anytime i try to change mine…its writting AT command sent: error….what can i do…have try to put space btw at and command still d same..pls help…

  • Have done this before and it works perfectly. Recently I had issue with my phone,after fixing my phone I tried again but my imei refuse to change.kindly help. Tnks

  • @ emma pls restart ur phone and check it with *#06# and see if its change thanks u

  • For anybody who uses mtn bb pls follow this process and gets free 2gb is as if its selects some line dial *444# reply wt 2 and press ok follow by 4 then 2 reply with 1. Then send status to 444 to check ur mb

  • My bb subscription on glo as stop working pls iam new here can i have any solution or any other different opinions

  • IT shows AT command msent, but the imei is not changing to the one i generated with the application, am using Tecno H3, what should i do?

  • thanks for this wonderful tutorial, but my emei refused to change… how do I generate bb z10am emei using gionee m3mini… after rebooting my phone, the emei is still the same… how do I fix this? thanks… I have rooted my phone, still not working…

  • @Tee ,

    Our main aim is to provide useful information and we make money via the ads you see on the site.

    I hope I have been able to answer your question?

  • Thanks for helping us. But then what is your commercial gain for all this. There has to be a motivation. This is too detailed to be free.will those downloads result in a financial gain for you.pls’s still cheaper for us subscribers anyway.

  • The Glo bus has been having issues for a while. But the Airtel bis on android is working perfectly well, you just need to change your imei to bb10 and change your APN…no disconnect issues and its just 1000 for 3gig also…and its fast and blazing.

  • have been making use of blackberry sub since wen I try to subscribe for another month it is telling sorry u cant extend ur bis subscription again wat can I do

  • MR EDITOR, I swear this thing work die, the network go away when the network is bad in my area,…. Those people that your is your own is not working, continue changing the imei, it will go later infact I have used 1.5gb now to download movie and music

  • Pls, the stuff is not really working for my infinix note 2, despite the fact that it has been activated. It is telling me to remove my ba3 and re-insert it, of which note 2’s ba3 is in-built. Pls, what can i do

  • Thanks for your
    publication, I use tehno y4 I have successfully change my imel number and suscbribe successfully.Yet I cant browse even I have change my APN to blackberry. net. Pls what else can I do? I would be grateful for a quick response.


  • After I Ave put my sim in blackberry phone and it as been activated now.
    But the issue is that it don’t show up network on my android phone.
    Don’t know what happen.

  • Hi bros, after changing my imei, I Ave subscribe to blackberry subscription on my android phone and still now it as not Activate.
    Or should I put my sim inside blackberry phone to Activate it and put it back inside my android phone?

  • Mr editor, I don’t know wat happen to mine oooooo d tinx use to tell me msent but at d end of d day it will not change anytin at all am tire ooo pls wat can I do?. am using techno h6

  • I don’t think it work for other network…… MAYBE EDITOR please says something about this stuff

  • @ Abdul..mine is going off and on too. Please does it work with only Glo. What of other networks

  • Hello sir, this subscription is Activated on my android and It download but some times network data off and On back….. What should I do, should I use another Imei? Or is because of my location though it work very well in the Blackberry phone I did the subscription

  • Finally changed but can I go ahead n do d subscription on the android phone or a blackberry?thanks

  • No longer any qualms whatsoever the glo browsing is a blaze…n fast also..I guess why it wz so slow wz mayb cos I wasn’t activated yet till yesterday..tnkz alot

  • Initially… Am scared of changing my HTC One imei cause I don’t know if it might b risky to my phone…. Pls my question now is ; would I be able to change my imei back to Android imei?

  • Hello chief Editor, I’m using infinix hot 2. I was able to generate the imei as well as download mtk engineering. But under Radio information, I don’t see the command line with AT+. There’s no space to type anything. Please help.

  • My glo sim no dey connect since i change d imei number.. Buh it has bn activated. pls what can i do

  • Am using samsung note 10.1 SM-P601. Have downloaded the mtk engineering app, but cannot access the mtk settings option. Once I click on the mtk settings, a message pops up saying ‘cannot find engineer mode app’. Please advice me on Wat to do.

  • Did everything but then its so slow in browsing n downloading…what can I do to increase d browsing speed n sometimes d data jst runs off n takes few minutes t connect back even while I try t off n on it back

  • Wow it work perfectly well… Hope I can chng d bb IMEI bck any time I fell like 2 d Android IMEI. Plz z der any way I can get an unlimited bbm plan wit this so I can download free without getting scared of the mb exosting. Tnx alot

  • Pls am using infinite hot 2. My own
    phone is not bring were I can type the
    command and can not even see AT
    command. Pls wht shd I do.

  • Pls am using infinite hot 2. My own phone is not bring were I can type the command and can not even see AT command. Pls wht shd I do

  • have done it on my techno H3 before and i have subscription on the H3 before i changed my phone to techno w4 but the subscription is not working on it ,pls what is the way out.

  • please help me out my own techno w4 phone is telling me ‘AT command is sent: ERROR.pls what should I do.

  • @AkJunior

    Put a space between AT and +EMGR

    Please read the tutorial again. Read it carefully

  • Mine is saying “At command sent Error” i have tried different IMEI and it still say the same thing on my infinix note2 and my IMEI hasnt changed. Pls what do I do?

  • @Robert. Don’t change the APN , else it will not work.

    To use a BlackBerry plan on your Android , you APN MUST BE

  • hello after downloading the bbm imei generator, then installing on my system. An APK file appears but nothing seems to open the APK file. Pls assist me. Thanks.

  • Good day Chief Editor, nice article.

    I already have this tweak on my phone and it works perfectly fine.

    I wish to subscribe to the glo 3gb weekend plan for N500 so I can download some large files.

    What I wish to know is if I can go ahead and do this but switch the APN from glo bis to glo flat. Will I be able to use the data?

    Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  • @Truesoul

    Its usually like that when you’re subscribing for the first time. But once you are successful the first time , the next time will be automatic approval. Kindly put your sim in a blackberry phone and subscribe.

  • The Glo subscription to did was unsuccessful they have refund my money back due to the fact that hat I has been pending all since Wednesday. I was able to do all the Imei tweak perfectly don’t know what went wrong.

  • OMG!! It worked on my fone, u guys are toooo go out d, u are d best.. Thankssssssssss.. Muah..
    Oh thanks to Grace Joseph as well, i took note of d corrections.. Thank y’all.. Thank u Chief Editor

  • pls, have subscribed for the Glo bis plan but,it’s pending since yesterday and I don’t have a Bb phone close-by…

  • Hi ,

    I have just followed your feedback and the article has been updated to correct all what you listed above.

    I can’t thank you enough. God bless.

  • pls , have been able to change my IMEI, and the phone settings, but am unable to connect am using Infinix hot. pls, assist me

  • Thanks for the post, but here are some corrections I made before mine could work.
    1. There is a space after the opening quotation sign for e.g ” 32133339……” This space should not be there and it’s the reason why most people are seeing error.

    2. I changed the ” in this post to the quots on my keypad. That is, instead of automatically copying and pasting the quotation sign front his post, I manually typed it.

    3. The code shown in this post to be typed in to change the Imei should be a reverse. It should be 1,10 for sim 2 and 1,7 for sim 1.

    The above corrections was what made mine to work. I hole this helps others encountering problems.

  • OMG!!!…. Thank you so much guy. i have paid severally to get it done 1k5 everytime i go to this guys buy ur tutorial just help me do it…. thanks a bunch.

    though it said error but the goodnews is its now working after using several imei.

    when i saw “AT Command Is mSent” OK i scream so bad like a mad man hehhehe.

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