Apple iPhone 7 vs Tecno Phantom 6 – Head To Head Battle

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iPhone 7 vs Tecno Phantom 6 – The specs , features , price and everything else you need to know about each device.



Apple and Tecno mobile have launched their flagship smartphones for 2016 , the iPhone 7 and  Phantom 6.  With the high-end specs and technicality on both devices , i can’t help but wonder if the Phantom 6 can go head-to-head with the iPhone 7.

Personally , i haven’t laid my hands on any of the devices (lol , who dash me iPhone 7? ;D) and  it will be unfair to judge something i haven’t used , However , i decided to create a chart showing the side by side specifications of the iPhone 7 and Phantom 6.  You be the judge :


iPhone 7 vs Tecno Phantom 6

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iPhone 7 Plus vs Tecno Phantom 6 Plus


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Now over to you. What do you think of iPhone 7 vs Tecno Phantom 6 ? Let’s have your comments.

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    IPhone 7 is better than tecno phantom 6 in features
    Which are not much important to Africans
    Like having network bands of EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN COUNTRIES cannot benefit me when am staying in AFRICA
    There for I say TECNO according to its prices is far better than IPHONE

  • Iphone is priced higher because of high cost of labour during manufacturing while techno, being a chinese phone, can enjoy very cheap labour which is why their phones are cheap. Calling a world class mobile phone like phamtom 6 danfo in comparison to Iphone is complete ignorance because even techno C8 beats the so called Iphone hands down when it comes to video and picture quality. Iphone has so much unnecessary restrictions especially when you travel abroad with it that you have to buy another phone that works without headache there. Owning Iphone is not a status; status is when you own your personal house. Techno is here to chase samsung and Iphone out of Africa whether you like it or not, and they have already finished with Samsung because the specifications of Samsung and Iphone can not be compared to Phamtom 6 plus.

  • It is funny how you guys will compare both phones…comparing “danfo” and Lexus Jeep.
    both are phones i agree, and can make calls basically. however, have you wondered why the tecno phantom 6 is way cheaper than iPhone 7 even if the specs of the tecno is higher
    Guys, apple iPhone is a genuine article, Tecno is not.

  • Tecno phantom 6+ is more beta dan iphone 7+ I say xo bcox iphones is jxt a name people love iphones cox of d camera buh tecno camera is more higher dan iphones xi will say tecno iz d bxt after all dey are almxt of same price…

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  • Comparing both phones is a big joke. Please don’t judge an IPhone by its specs. You really ought to handle it to judge. Tecno is still far behind in terms of technology. Even LG G4, a phone of 2015 simply kicks the ass of Phantom 6. Trying to run a high end game like modern combat on the so called flagship is a disaster. A dual core IPhone performs better than any quad-core Android both with individual cores of the same size. I had always compared an iPhone with an Android based on specs until I got to handle an iPhone. Bad governance, illiteracy and poverty will always have us Africans rummaging on scraps left behind by other continents, hence our continuous patronizing of Tecno phones.

  • I think all is about choice, some people will go for name because of class why others will go for what they can afford, I think I will go for TECNO after all they all have the same functionality, those that produce this phones, don’t even change phone like we do, thanks.

  • I think Tecno phantom 6+ is better than iphone 7 because it has better specs and is way cheaper. Simple

  • One Grave Mistake You Don’t Wanna Ever Make Again.
    I must say that TECNO have improved big time with these devices
    compared to the older products, but making such intended high-end
    smartphone (Phantom 6, precisely) to have a battery capacity of 2700
    mAh, is just too lame and has relegated it to the level of midrange
    smartphones. Yes, midrange! Nothing overly special about the
    Phantom 6. Just impressive that Tecno has improved.
    If from what I heard it took Tecno 400days (up to 2years) to make
    these devices, why on earth should it launch them with Android
    Marshmallow 6.0, when the Android Nougat 7.0 is out already and
    could have patiently incorporated it in them?
    Well, I am not much surprised, Tecno has a way of shortchanging its
    consumers with scanty improvements in its products and continuing
    in that circle by later unveiling another flagship.

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