The New iTel it 1516 Plus Specifications

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Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

iTel iT 1516 Plus Specifications , Features & Everything You Need To Know About This Smartphone From iTel.




The iTel iT 1516 Plus appeals to people who care more about the battery life of a smartphone. Its 5000mAh can last for more than 36hours of heavy usage on a single charge. Other specifications include a 5 inch screen , 1GB RAM , 8GB ROM and Android 5.1 Lollipop.

iTel iT 1516 Plus Specifications




2G: GSM 850/900/1800MHz
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz


Display: 5-inch IPS Screen

Resolution: 480 x 854
CPU: Core 2.0GHz
GPU: Mali-T860 MP2 700MHz
System: Android 5.1
External Memory: TF card up to 32GB (not included)
Camera: Back camera 5MP with AF + front camera 2MP
Color: Silver, Champagne, Grey
Bluetooth: 4.0
Navigation: GPS, A-GPS,
Sensor: G-sensor, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope
SIM Card: Dual SIM dual standby
Battery Capacity (mAh): 5000mAh
Standby: 31 days
Talktime: 2 days
Additional Features: 3G,  Alarm, Bluetooth, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, FM, MP3, MP4, OTG, Wi-Fi

This device will cost you around #25,000 – #30,000

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it1516plus-6 it1516plus-7 it1516plus-8


Now over to you. Will you buy the iTel iT 1516 Plus? Let’s have your comments.

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  • What a fine phone, long lasting battery, fine camera and beautiful launchers.

  • I’ve been using this phone since 9th of January, 2017, as a replacement for my tecno J5. I was enticed by the battery but oh my! The phone is really terrible. Here are the problems I am facing using the phone:
    1. Takes forever to charge. 14hrs to full when switched off, 26hrs when on
    2. Metal case conducts electricity. It shocks when in contact with the case on barefoot during charge. I once made a mistake of receiving a call during charge, I got a terrible shock on the left ear. Thank God I can tell the story today.
    3. Slow and hangs a lot. The phone claims to be running on 1.2GHz quad core processor and 1gb RAM. My missing boom J5 with same feature but a lower speed processor of 1.0 GHz and loaded with more apps was 3 times faster.
    4. G-Sensor and proximity are not well programmed. Difficult to end the calls you place cause of inactive screen during calls. Proximity sensor is terribly poor.
    5. Relative to phones I’ve used, tecno, fero, HTC, Samsung, Nokia etc the volume during calls is low. Very audible but low.
    6. Very very high radiation when the battery gets lower than 10%. Become really really hot.

    I’m really trying not to sound like I’m exaggerating, but I can’t really explain how terribly the experience has been. I had to buy a new phone and with similar features but a lower battery of 2500mAh and processor of just 1Gb and it was as if I just gained freedom. Now, I can’t sell the phone nor give it out cause the phone is actually a disaster. I won’t want to be responsible for anybody’s harm.


  • the battery is good but sometimes if I wanted to check may be account balance or dial number, it will just switched itself off and later on automatically and likewise contact disappear is another major problem if itel.I will never buy there phone anymore because it has disappointed me a lot.

  • I want to buy this very phone tomorrow morning as I am tired of my infinix hot note. But I am scared with these issues of simcard, sdcard, navigation key lights and contacts etc. Should I go for something else? The battery capacity is what is enticing me, though cos I am an heavy phone user.

  • Please Mr. Kelvin, I want to know if there’s any itel product with fingerprint in the market? I’ve been searching for it but nothing.

  • You most welcome Mr. kelvin. Please what I can possibly do as regards this SD situation? I would really appreciate if I can get an SD card working on this amazing gadget am having. Please reply. Thanks a lot.

  • Itel 1516 is just the best for use now.
    If you are having some problems like SD card not dictected, please do remember that you must switch off your phone before inserting any thing, also make sure that the sdcard is formatted before use.
    If u want ur battery to charge faster, the u will need to turn the phone off, on it back when it might have gotten to 78%, and then go to ur settings and click color invation.
    dont operate ur phone while charging.
    Enjoy ur device

  • This phone meet my requirements as regards the durability of the battery. Am a heavy phone user and the battery is so perfect as advertised,though it takes well over 5hours to have full charge buh if you have the patience to have it fully charged, it last for a very long time and that’s kool. Buh its not recognising SD cards. I’ve wasted money twice buying 16GB that never worked on the phone buh works in other phones and I’ve had to give it out the two times. At the moment I don’t have SD card on my phone. At first it would recognise the card,before Long it stops working. Am using the 1556 plus, I bought mine DEC 14th 2016 and I’ve been enjoying it ever since expect for the SD card situation. The summary of it is that, I got value for my money buying this gadget as its absolutely superb by every standard.

  • Nice phone, just get the right apps on your and you are good to go. I have been using this phone for about 4months plus now and there is no problem with it.

  • the only problem is the problem of contact disappearing, and its not recognising memory card buh i guess it’s due to wrong insertion,the battery takes hours to charge complete but its last so so long that u dont av to worry about power issue…the ba3 is gooo, it charges other phone too….am enjoying mine

  • Woow very nice work, very detailed article with much info about this gadget. kudos , keep up the good work.

  • I bought Itel 1516plus December of 2016 but I have with it the problem of contacts disappearing! Help me please!

  • I bought itel it 1516 on Thursday 15th February, but till now my external memory is not recognizing. pls what do I do?

  • Hi,I bought this itel it1516 plus on the 30/1/2017. I am really enjoying the battery but the only problems am having is the issue of contacts disappearing and the three button on it are not bringing out lights. pls what can I do?

  • @Opeyemi ,

    It could be that your phone is faulty due to manufacturer’s error. I’ld suggest you take it to CarlCare repair center and have them fix this issue.

  • I just bought this phone. It takes like forever to charge and it discharges very fast. I have had to recharge it several times daily.
    I am surprised when I read the comments commending this phone for its battery life. Is there anything that can be done to reduce the charging time and increase the battery life

  • The itel 1516plus is a great device,but I noticed that one minute,all the notification sounds that came with it were there,and the next minute,they all just plain vanished.Secondly,the lights on the controls below the screen are off.

  • I got one and had the phone set up by an expert. both sim cards and memory cards working well.

    No contacts problems. I go for two days on one battery charge. i find the gadget super.

    I bought mine from a reputable shop in Zimbababwe and they did the setup for me.

  • I just bought this phone. It takes like forever to charge and it discharges very fast. I have had to recharge it several times daily.

    I am surprised when I read the comments commending this phone for its battery life. Is there anything that can be done to reduce the charging time and increase the battery life

  • I just brought it 11516plus yesterday, my memory card is not recognizing. what should i do. please let me know

  • If u are having problem with appearing and disappearing of contact on itel 1516 plus, I can confidently tell u that the solution is simple. Go to play store and download sim card application on ur phone.

  • I’m experiencing contact disappearing and appearing on the phone. Please what can I do to resolve the problem. I commend the battery capacity.

  • Hello,I just bought my it 1516 few days ago,I inserted the Sim cards but the phone is still displaying no Sim.please help,how do I resolve this?

  • Bonjour à vous. J’ai constaté une erreur sur mon itel 1516plus au niveau de la programmation de l’alarme, plus précisément sur l’option de répétition de l’alarme. Après avoir cocher les jours de répétition de l’alarme, en principe, il y’a deux options: soit valider en appuyant sur “ok”, soit appuyer sur “annuler “.Mais là, il se trouve qu’il n’y a pas de touche “ok”. Les deux options sont écrites “annuler ” et “annuler”. Il n’y a pas d’option “0k”.

  • Solution for simcard and contact problem
    if you want to see your contacts displayed go to play store and download the application named sim card it’ll show you all your contacts and then you can copy them to your phonebook and vice versa.

  • my contacts on the phone disappears and reappears again. please fix this. i guess its a problem 4rm the itel or is it a problem than could be fixed by calcare?

  • The phone is good with it high capacity battery but the contact do disappear until we restart the phone, about three of us we bought it at the same time but we are experiencing the same problem pls what can we do pls?

  • The is good with it high capacity battery but the do disappear until we restart the phone, about three of us we bought it at the same time but we are experiencing the same problem pls what can we do?

  • @ Patience ,

    It depends on the extent of the damage. But as far as i know , Software damage dosen’t take time to fix in Carl care.

  • Hi Onesimus ,

    Thanks for your input. I’m sure it will be taken into conderation before the next big smartphone from iTel.


  • Its nice phone bt hs sm deficiencies: 1. The display scrn shd bv bng 5.5, ram at lst 2gb. Pls improve.

  • I bought new itel it1516 but it did not recognised sim card. Is like the preferred sim selection is not functioning. What should I.

  • Nice phone, i would love to get it but the RAM being 1gb aint that nice ,you guys should add a lil feature too like fingerprint or 4G network

  • Hi patience ,

    It’s possible you tampered with some settings. Or it could be a software error. Take it to carlcare and they will fix it free of charge ; provided you still have phone pack and other details.


  • I just brough my itel 1516 plus before two day d phone just off by itself nd refuse to on pls wot wil I do

  • hey man sorry what do you mean by not indicated so you don’t know how to go to play store and download WhatsApp for Android a lollipop for that matter common get to hell this phone seems to be a quad core I’ll love it since I already got one killer awesome phone here

    never mind please like my post on

  • The features are excellent.
    it was indicated to be smartphone, but was neither indicated to contain what’sapp features nor to be containing Android Features

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