Jumia Phones & Tablet In Nigeria – A List Of Their Prices

Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Latest Jumia Phones and price in Nigeria – This article will provide information on Jumia Tablets & Phones in the Nigerian Market.

Jumia is one of the biggest and most popular online shopping website in Nigeria. Jumia was launched in April 2012 and they sell a wide range of products such as Phones , Tablets , Lapotops , Generators and Fashion items.

Jumia Phones In Nigeria & Their Prices

Jumia Phones in Nigeria includes popular phones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 , Tecno Boom J8 , Tecno Phantom 5 , Infinix Zero 3 , Infinix Zero 2 , Samsung Galaxy S6 , Infinix Hot 2 , Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , Tecno Camon C8 , Blackberry Priv , Blackberry Classic , Blackberry Z30 , Innjoo 2 , Innjoo Max 2 and Lots more. We’re going to group the price according to the brands. Continue reading….

See Top 100 Phones & Tablets On Jumia



Infinix Phones On Jumia (Jumia Infinix Phones & Prices)

Latest Infinix Phones


Infinix Mobility is one of the biggest and fastest growing mobile brands in Africa. Infinix phones are one of the cheapest in the Market and with as low as #20,000 , you can get yourself a decent Infinix phone without having to spend too much. Infinix phones on Jumia includes Infinix Hot Note , Infinix Zero 2 , Infinix Hot 2 , Infinix Note 2 , Infinix Zero 3 and Infinix Hot 3.

Tecno Phones On Jumia (Jumia Tecno Phones & Prices)



TECNO Mobile is the most popular and best selling Android brand in Nigeria. Their huge success if attributed to the fact that they’re already an household name , and the fact that their phones are quite cheap. Tecno Phones on Jumia includes Tecno Phantom 5, Tecno Camon C5 , Tecno Camon C8 , Tecno Boom J8 , Tecno Boom J7 , Tecno Boom J5 Tecno L5 and lots more. Use the link below to checkout offers

Blackberry Phones On Jumia (Jumia Blackberry Phones & Prices)

Jumia Blackberry Phones


As we all know , Blackberry has the cheapest internet subscription plan in Nigeria. For instance glo bis on android gives a whooping 3GB data for just #1400 naira. Blackberry phones on Jumia includes Blackberry z10 , Q10 , Z30 , Z3 , Blackberry leap , blackberry classic , Blackberry Priv and many more. Use the link below to checkout offers on Jumia.

Samsung Phones On Jumia (Jumia Samsung Phones & Prices)

Jumia Phones Samsung


Looking for where to buy Samsung Phones in Nigeria? Then Jumia is the best place to look. Samsung phones on Jumia includes popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , Galaxy Note 4 , Galaxy S4 , Galaxy S5 , Galaxy S6 & S6 EDGE , Galaxy J5 , Galaxy J7 , Galaxy A8 , Galaxy Tab , Samsung Galaxy S7 and Lots More. Use the link below to checkout offers :


Apple Phones & Tablets On Jumia

Apple iPhone Jumia

Jumia is an authorised dealer of Apple products in Nigeria. Apple devices are quite expensive , but Jumia is selling them at a much reasonable price. Apple Phones & Tablets on Jumia includes iPhone 6 , iPhone 6S , iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 5S , iPod , iPad Air 2 and Lots more. Use the links below to check prices :

  • Apple products on Jumia – Starting From – #110,000 –


Microsoft Phones On Jumia (Jumia Nokia Phones)

Microsoft Lumia

You can buy Microsoft (Nokia) phones online on Jumia. Products include Microsoft Lumia 930 ,  Microsoft Venue 11 Pro Tablet , Lumia 532 , Lumia 1020 and lots more. Use the link below to check offers :

Huawei Phones On Jumia (Jumia Huawei Phones)

Huawei is not such a popular brand in Nigeria , but their phones are available on Jumia. Devices include Huawei P8 , Huawei Mate 8 and Huawei G Power. Use the link below to check offers :

Innjoo Phones On Jumia (Jumia Innjoo Phones)

Innjoo Phones are EXCLUSIVE to Jumia , which means its very unlikely for you to find them on any other store outside Jumia. Innjoo Phones on Jumia includes Innjoo Max 2 , Innjoo 2 , Innjoo Max 2 Plus , Innjoo Fire , Innjoo Fire Plus , Innjoo Halo and many more. Use the link below to checkout offers :


LG Phones On Jumia (Jumia LG Phones)

Looking for where to buy lg phones in Nigeria? Welcome to Jumia!. LG phones on Jumia includes LG Nexus 5 , Nexus 5X , LG G4 , LG Gflex2 , LG V10 and lots more. Use the link below to check offers :

Now over to you. Which of the Jumia Phones is your favourite? Drop your comments!

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