Konga Black Friday 2016 Date & Everything You Need To Know

Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Konga Black Friday 2016 Date , sales , deals & Everything you need to know about Konga Yakata 2016 Promotion.


konga black friday yakata


Online shoppers in Nigeria are getting ready for the upcoming Konga Black Friday 2016 promotion , AKA Konga Yakata 2016 , a shopping event where there will be massive discount on different products in Nigeria. This article provides more details on Konga Black Friday 2016 date , possible deals , as well as how to get prepared for the shopping event.


Konga Black Friday 2016 Date


Get ready because Konga Yakata 2016 is going to hold from the 18th – 21st November 2016.

Konga Black Friday 2016 – Deals










How To Get Ready For Konga Yakata 2016


Did you know that Konga Yakata is a great chance to make money? Yes! You can be a millionaire on Konga yakata 2016 , but you need to be very very smart. Let me show you how you can make money :

On blackfriday , some products are sold for more than half the normal price , which means you can buy them in bulk and re-sell them later at their normal price. Now lets use this analogy :

Tecno Camon C8 sells for about #40,000. Let’s say on blackfriday , Konga sells it for #20,000 ; that’s a whooping 50% off. If you’re smart , you can buy 10 pieces of camon c8 at #20,000 , and then resell them later for #40,000 and make HUGE Profit. See the maths :

On Black Friday : Camon C8 : #20,000 x 10 pieces = #200,000

After black friday : Camon C8 : #40,000 x 10 pieces = #400,000

The profit : #400,000 – #200,000 = #200,000 profit!!

So you see , you can make money this way.

Remember , the idea is to BUY ANYTHING that is discounted on Black friday , and then resell it later at the normal price. This way , you make cool money.

Now here’s how to get ready :

  • Firstly , you need to save as much money as you can before black friday
  • Create an account at Konga.com and BE LOGGED in few minutes before the event starts.
  • Get yourself a very fast internet connection.
  • Charge your phone / laptop very well.
  • Be online at 11PM on the 17th November 2016. Konga Black friday starts on the 18th of November at 12AM , and that’s when most of the good deals are posted.
  • Signup for our newsletter , we will alert you few minutes before the event.

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