Talk To An Expert

Lets admit it , Nowadays , getting a new Gadget is HARD.


The reason is simple : There are thousands of electronics in the market with very similar specs and little difference. Its so much that making the right choice is a BIG HEADACHE.

To confirm what i’ve just said , head over to Konga and search for “Mobile Phones”. There are over 2,999 results!


Mobile Phones on Konga

Search for “Laptops” and you will see over 2,800 results!


Laptops On Konga

So , How do you make the right choice out of  over 2,000 Options? That’s the big problem we’re trying to fix.



After much thinking and consultation , our editors have comeup with a solution called “Ask Our Editors”.

Ask Our Expert

Starting today , you will be able to get in touch with our Editors and ask for their recommendation before your purchase any Gadget.

Our team of Editors are Veterans in their respective fields , and each of them have an average of 4years experience with Technology and Gadgets. They’re here to help you

The interesting part is that you can talk to them for FREE!!!. No Consultation Fees. No Charges. Isn’t that wonderful?

To get in touch with our expert , send an E-Mail to [email protected] , and you will get a reply within  3hours.

Please provide important details such as your budget , your favourite brand , your occupation. Feel free to express yourself. You can use the format below , just replace the values with yours:

“Hello ,

My name is John Chukwuma and i am a student. I have a low budget of #30,000 and I’m looking at getting a new smartphone. I use my phones mostly for chatting on social media and playing games. I have done my research and i am about to buy the Infinx Hot 3 smartphone. I am a fan of TECNO , However , This is the first time I’m going to use an infinix smartphone. What do you think? Should i go ahead and buy or do you have better recommendations?”

NOTE : Please contact us only when you’re 100% SURE and READY to buy a new gadget.