Tecno Camon C9 Price In Nigeria

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Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Tecno Camon C9 Price In Nigeria , Kenya – This article contains detailed information of the specs , photos and price of the Tecno C9.

Tecno-C9-Price-In Nigeria


Tecno Camon C9 is one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones in Africa and this is due to the huge success of its predecessor , the Camon C8. Tecno mobile launched the Camon C9 in June 2016, and it comes with some big improvements in camera and specifications. More details below :


Here Are Some Quick Facts About Tecno Camon C9

Product History : Following the footsteps of its predecessor , Camon C9 is a camera centric smartphone tailored for those who love pictures. The device comes with big improvements in design and  more sophisticated camera features.

  • Launch Date : Announced June 2016.
  • Product Line : Camon Series
  • Major Improvement : New user interface (HiOs) , New design , New Camera Features
  • Price Range : #45,000 – #55,000
  • Price Rating : Medium —– (Slightly Expensive)

Tecno Camon C9 Specs Sheet (Key Details)

These are Tecno Camon C9 Specs , Featuring a 5.5inch screen  , 2GB RAM , Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 3000mAh battery. Full details below :

  • SIM Type: Dual Micro SIM
  • 4G LTE : Yes
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HiOs V1.0
  • Display: 5.5 inches ISP Display
  • Build: Full Aluminium Unibody
  • Colours: Gold , Sandstone Black.
  • Processor Type: 1.3 GHz 64-bit Octa-core MediaTek MT6753 chipset
  • Graphics Processor: Mali-T720
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Internal Storage: 16GB
  • External Storage: Yes , up to 128GB Memory Card.
  • Back Camera : 13.0 MP with LED Flash
  • Front Camera : 13.0 MP with LED Flash , 83 degree wide viewing angle , ISP picture noise detecting Technology
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Security: Irish scanner that unlocks your phone by scanning your eyeball.

What To Expect From Tecno Camon C9 Smartphone


Just like Tecno C8 , Tecno C9 is all about the camera , but it comes with more interesting features than its predecessor. Firstly , Tecno Camon C9 features a much more slimmer design that should feel good on hand. The device features a 5.5 inch display , which has a metallic build and a leather textured back cover. It has a dual sim setup and supports 4G LTE Network.





Looking at it for the first time , you will notice a change in the positioning of the front camera. The front camera is now at the center of the top body , just below the call speaker. The LED Flash is just by the side of the camera , but TECNO designed it in such a way that the LED Light cannot be easily seen , unless you look closely.


Tecno Camon C9 Camera


The front camera has a 13MP resolution and comes with 83 degree wide viewing angle , which can capture 3 people at a time. To ensue better picture quality , the camera comes with 5P Lens , Smart Human Face Identification , Face Beautification , and third generation ISP picture noise detecting Technology .


Tecno Camon C8 Back Camera


Tecno C9 has Visidon Algorithm Brightness that produces 50% brighter images than average. Visidon Algorithm Noise Deduction clears up to 75% of the ‘noise’ in the background , leaving you with a crisp photo . The back camera also comes 13MP camera and Dual LED Flash (two flash lights).


Camon C9 Visidon

For extra security , Tecno Camon C9 is equipped with biometrics iris recognition sensor that scans your iris (eyes) before you can unlock your phone. This is the first time iris technology is used on a TECNO Smartphone


Tecno C9 Iris Scanner


As for the internal specifications , Tecno C9 is comes with a 1.7 GHz 64-bit Octa-core MediaTek MT6592 chipset and 2GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). The device would run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow alongside the new Tecno HiOs User Interface (UI). A 3000mAh battery should be enough to deliver at least 9hours of heavy usage.


Tecno Camon C9 Price In Nigeria & Kenya

Tecno Camon C9 Price In Nigeria would be within the range of #45,000 – #55,000 , and Ksh 20,000 – Ksh 25,000 in Kenya. The price will start from #45,000 and should not be more than #55,000 in the country. Also note that the price depends alot on your location and the merchant you’re buying from.

Important! : Please note that  due to market forces beyond our control , the price may change as time goes by.


Now over to you , what do you think about this device? Are you currently using it? and at what price do you think TECNO should sell? Drop your comments!


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  • Forget the cost of C9 but consider it quality,fashion,etc and hope techno mobile could see me through to have my copy Gbmmmm

  • I like the phone C9 but the price is very high for me to get one. please can you reduce the price to N35,000.00 to enable a poor man like us purchase one? Thank you and God bless.

  • I downgraded d phone when my bf said he was going to send it to me, and now i read all these and cant wait to have it

  • as peoples d talk me self I must talk as usual firstly d price is too much u beta reduce ham 2ndly d battery self too low supposed to be 500ah and above

  • I read through d spec, am empress with d spec and would love to hv 1 Ds January. If the cost price will be cut down to 40k

  • I got mine yesterday for 67k @ Lagos which is way beyond what I expected,anyway am yet to see what the features are.

  • hope d price stays as stated in d list. hope its not more Dan 52k in their offices. am in ph

  • I never thought i would be a tecno fan but this camon c9 got me, soo good lovely front camera position and all

  • d price worth it
    its d best tecno product i av ever seen
    i av gotten mine but nevertheless d gats to b reduced so dat it could b affordable by all

  • i love to have the phone, im currently using L5, but the price of this c9 is on a high side, pls bring it down.

  • Nice fone ,u guyz has really improved but ur price is still hight to ur quality and features, come down to 40k because of battery capacity i went fr c8 and is v k fr.my all time callz

  • Is like tecno want people to run always from them. Y are they in reading their price too much. What happened to nokia will happen to them since they think they have too much customers. I don’t even know Y that phone should be costly like that. Well I became the people that Briggs out their money to but it at such rate. As for me I can not buy that phone more than 30k.

  • I really like this phone c9 but I still want tecno to do the version thet will be monitor wife, husband and children call, message and all Apps for better life and study.

  • The phone is amazing…wish am in America will get it compared to groundnut money, but pls cut down D price is too mch…

  • Thanks Team Techno for the innovation.
    I do suggest that next version you include a new future of Techno note pad, make battery life for 5000mAh or above and ensure that when you reduce the phone brightness it does not go to zero(darkness) atleast reverse some 3 to 5% of brightness as minimum standard for low brightness.
    Otherwise, Techno team is working so well with adjustments every time.

  • What a Technology… Awesome C9 but team techno you should have consider this our lovely country situation and reduce the price. I will not talk about battery cuz am pleading for the price.. I like the phone

  • Thumbs up Tecno, but i must also say that the PRICE is outrageous,,,, i see some people saying “if u cant afford it go for smaller/cheaper phone” and that is the soul problem we are having in this country (Nigeria), once we are ok with something or a situation we dont care about how it affect others or how they feel about it,,, but we should all know that ‘all fingers are not equal’ and ‘what is good for the gull is good for the goose’…
    Team Tecno try to reduce the cost or increase the Battery life to 5000mAh so that people will at least enjoy what they are paying for… I rest my case…
    Thanks Team Tecno (T.T.T)…

  • hummm! I really like d phone BT d price sound emaciated. The company shud consider dis unfavourable weather.

  • Every person’s comment is a statistical research for better improvement of the same. Thumbs-up Tecno for such a wonderful innovation.We as the users of tecno would like a powerful phone in terms of features like the c9 but with a powerful battery of 5000mah – – 10000mah and plus considering that none of us like carrying phone charger to work place.

  • Wot a lovely fone but d price is too high….pls reduce d price and increase the ba3 to 5000mah.

  • Due to all comments, as for me i will go for j8 .Bcs the battery will last long with the quad core processor while the c9 is octa core with the same battery capacity. I think the battery capacity should be 4500mah or 5000mah. You people just be looking at the presentation of phone instead of knowing the full details about phone before you go for it. Am using J8 and my battery last much longer. Let us hear more about c9 battery from its user

  • Not much difference b/w c8 and c9 and the battery will pose much problem to its users due to the little improvement which sucks energy. So, the price should be reduced by about 15%. [CONSIDER IT]

  • If you can’t afford it please the market wasn’t for you. Their target was for those who can afford that amount without complaining. Every market has a target. You would have priced a car for #20000

  • Pls are u selling camera or phone? I don’t c anything special in c9 that should make it that costly to buy. Even the battery is too poor compared to what is needed . Nobody should blame tecno the problem is the dealers using the economy as an excuse . The phone is ok but that high price is greediness of our people

  • am using wit c8 b4 but for nw I herd c9 has launched , I already bought it the phone is so dilicious bt the price is plenty I bought it cost of 52,000k today is one week

  • Bonjour moi c’est espérant tshimanga suis de la république démocratique du Congo à l’Est du pays dans la province du sud Kivu en territoire d’uvira, j’aimerai faire une commande du téléphone techno C9 mais je sais pas par ou commencer raison pour laquelle j’aimerai savoir comment faire!!


  • Apart from the front camera, I don’t really see much difference between its predecessor and camon c9. There should be a difference at least in the longevity of the battery and the internal memory. The price also is something else, the difference between c8 and c9 is much in price and less in properties.

  • The whole principle behind the invention of Tecno, as I recall is affordability. Seems that is no longer an objective. If 60 to 85 percent of their target group can no longer buy their phones,who is losing?

  • Meh Tecno iš moving higher, I bought Tecno J8 at d rate of #46000 four days back nd now looking forward to Tecno C9 bt d price iš kenke, Į won sell dis j8 if u go buy #40000.ONLY

  • The price is too high. The RAM should be 4. The battery life should be like 5000 mAh. Dope product, Tecno

  • the price Is ok..for a phone that scans your iris..if it wer made by Samsung or Sony.. it wud be in the range of 250-300k and nobody will complain…

  • 2 Many Fance Please Make This Producte Affordable 4 Us Tecno The Price Is Way 2 High,at List 30 To 35 Thousand Is Ok Please

  • I like tecno c9 BUT the price is too much o pls kindly reduce d price pls cos i would love to buy it if only it can be reduced pls

  • Sight you tecno. Love being using this camon c9 but the price is too high. Please try to reduce the price to range of 27 to 30

  • The price is too high, i tried to buy it today at Lagos, #50,000 was the demand price and i just have to go back home, i can’t afford it man. Let the down to affordable. We love the phone and we wanna buy it.

  • The price is too high, i tried to buy it today at Lagos, #50,000 was the demand price and i just have to in back home, i can’t afford it man. Let the down to affordable. We love the phone and we wanna buy it.

  • Errrm but you people are aware that this is not Tecno’s website. They just did a nice peice on the phone

  • The price is too much, we want to reduce the price, even now am using tecno c8, I bought it last year at N26,000 in Maiduguri. But now they are selling tecno c8 at N36,000, we are appealing to the Tecno company to reduce all its products, they are the best technology in the whole world.

  • It’s lovely but reduce the price, increase the ram to 4G and the battery capacity. God bless techno


    suggestions are needed and waiting for.

  • Nice fone,, too expensive to afford,, #40k-45 would have been better…… E no easy for diz change we re now…tecno please do something about it.

  • I just bought one today in Abuja, Nigeria for #56000 at Banex vina Plaza. The price is way too high, I mean I bought a c8 at #35000 early this year so what are the features in c9 apart from the camera that has made the phone so xpensive? I love Tecno phones but please do something about the price, thank you.

  • I like the features of tecno C9, but it is highly affordable, please reduce the price.

  • I like all the features of Tecno C9, but the price is too much, it is highly affordable.

  • Specs are fine ..mostly the 13MPs front camera …tecno doing great but still consider common mwananchi.price atleast 15k-16k…please

  • Pls u guys should try to do something about all these complaints people are making…..simple increase the ba3 capacity and decrease d price at least to 35k-45k……we love you tecno

  • Techno is doing a great job by improving the standard of their phones day in day out…but camon c8 and c9 has no much differences…the phone should have come with, screen protection, 3gb ram and the battery is too poor. The only main feature of the fone is the 13mp back and front camera…so the price should be reduced…thanks to techno

  • Nice phone but the only problems are battery drain easily cos its 3000mAh make it to be like 5000mAh please and the price is high.

  • I love the phone but the price is too much just like others have said. Though am currently using the C8. It will be ok,if the price will be reduced to 30k-35k. Pls u people should work on the price and battery capacity.

  • the phone is wonderful but I will say y not reduce the price and increase the battery capacity

  • Am using the c8 and c5 would like to own c9 but the price is high n the battery would have been5000ma

  • I tecno producu,nd i will like to buy this new c9 but the price is high pls reduce it to 30to35k so dat lay man can also enjoy ur products.Thanks

  • The tecno will always come down because if they did another new phone the c9 come down to ur price

  • pls I HV 30 thousand naira with me,pls reduce d price
    I like d phone alote pls let it to b affordable..

    TECNO u re doing great.

  • Pls tecno am with my 30k as am talking to you reduce the price of C9 so that i will have mine this month.

  • by main looking the phone is ok for me but the price should be adjusted at least #35k

  • People are just ranting rubbish. If Sony were to make a 13mp front and back camera, with the Android 6, 2GB Ram, it wouldn’t come for anything less than 50k

  • batery poor, make it to 5050 mah before set up the price at 45000 naira, with 3000 mah like batery, L8 plus is better with his 5000 mah battery

  • Tecno product is now un neglectable. Pls reduce the price to 35-40k bcos of the suitation of the country. I look forward to get my own, If only @ that price.

  • The features are ok, but the price is too high kindly reduce it to #30 or #35 thousand, so that many will patronise you because the more the purchase the more the advertise.

  • I like tecno camon C9 but d price is high,pls reduce price so dat we can afford it.tnks

  • TECNO, good job.
    Am using C8, but I want to buy the C9, were can I get it. & how much?

  • The specs of the fone is dope the price is as high as its specs but the battery power is too poor, it should be at least 5000ma.

  • With the comment of many tecno fance, I think is high time for them to reduce the cost price to at list 40K thank u TECNO

  • I have tried enough in buying techno phones.

    I can get myself and my wife one each if and only if d price is lesser than #40,000.


  • l like C9 but then price variation with C8 does not match the differences in features. pls reduce the price.

  • I am thinking of buying one of d tecno product,but when i head of c9 i love it, please make it afordable at d range of 35,000 to 38,000, 4 us to buy.

  • Please is the phone HD screan? Because I’m using PhantomZ and is HD. If it is i can get it for my wife

  • Huh.. Dat price is just too much.. If it can be reduced to about 30k or 35k, it wuld be really cool.. Thanks..

  • I luv my tecno boom J8
    But I appreciate Hw tecno is improving all over s world
    Thanks @Tecno Mobile

  • Am using camonc5 and i love it so much bur wil love to change to camonc9 pls reduce the price is too high for student like us.

  • Please Techno we really appreciate your work. But the price is too much especially at the critcal economic issue, we all will be grateful if the price should be kept at an affordable price ranging from #40000 to #45000. Thanks we will be grateful if this is being taken into consideration

  • Tecno L8 is the best for me with 2GR with 5050 battery the cameral is ok and the only difference is 5.0 and 6.0 version the price is OK L8 C8

  • Hello sir, tecno manager pls let the price of the new tecno phone camon c9 let the price come down Bcs of the situation of our country now

  • Plis make affordable for we nigerian’ u knw xtreme customer u hav, dnt let dissappear! But u wil keep goin ur customer by reducin price range of ur smatphone; I believ techno

  • This is brilliant I most say…… But is quite expensive…. And there is no much difference with camon c8.. …

  • I just bought tecno H5 last week and now am hearing C9 pls tecno make the price affordable thanks

  • I like tecno c9 but the price is too much pls reduce it to 35000 to 40000 pls

  • I am using boom J8 it’s also good. for me I expect boom J9.The price of Camon C9 should be reduced so that the customers would be able to afford it.Thanks.

  • pls techno should mk this phone affordable for der customers to buy at list like 38k to 40 pls

  • i appreciate ur effort,pls d price should b @ d range of 38 to 40k,so that we should b able to afford it.thank u

  • Pls I Jst brought j8 last week nw am hearing c9 what do I do to have c9 in my hand or do you do swapping

  • Am using d C8 and i like to change to C9 but d price is too much please tecno let it be affordable to all ur customers between the range of 30 to 38 please. Thanks

  • to me I think the price is something anyone who knows how the c8 work should be able tolerate. if it where to be other phones that have made name I guessed dis C9 will be above 200,000 naira

  • we can’t just keep loving every new product dat comes our way and forget d fact DAT fashion trends never come to an end. love and stick to only one good device and use your scarce resources for better things…I am OK with boom j8….I just can’t kill myself to keep on enriching techno company.. I rest my case!!!

  • I will say N38000 to N40000 would be fine since c8 is almost N38000 now.
    So please make it buy able for us.

  • since the last 4 years,i have been using tecno mobile,i started from M3 to phantom A+ to R7 from R7 to camon C8 and now its C9 again,pls tecno kindly beat the price down a bit,in tecno i trust,thanks.

  • Currently using tecno c8. To me c9 is not an upgrade but a cheap scam…. Imagine the price tag #50000-#55000.Just because of 2gb ram , mashallow and 13mp front camera change ,to me dats not an upgrade …. Am getting irritated by tecno phones with each passing day…. Am sorry but i ain’t buying d so called tecno #carmon c9.

  • I love my boom j8,bt am ticking of d c9, though I love d feature (most) nd in d other hand d price should b moderate b/w 40k to 43k @ most due to the difficulty we d Nigerians r facing rite nw. I still love my boooommmmm j8 music is excellent, camera is perfect.

  • all the spec r wonderful I’m even finking of selling my j8 to begin saving for d canon c9 BT the price is very expensive pls tecno do some thing

  • the phone is more than enough, but pls the price should drop within 35k – 40k. thank u c9

  • Tecno una too much I love this phone like mo fe da ku just let the phone price come down plsssssss

  • pls tecno try and make the phone affordable for us let it be from the rang of 38k to 40k and depends on the colour thank will be glad to hear from you. tumb’s up pls email me

  • I add my voice to already loud and clear voice of techno lover’s #40k will just be ok

  • Thks Tecno Mobile,u hv continued to put smiles on the faces of your customers but pls if u can harken to d advice of your customers by making d phone affordable it will be very good like 40,000….thks and God bless u….Looking forward to hear an affordable price when the phone will be launched…. #Experiencing Smart Life#… with Tecno.

  • The C9 price, let it be 38,000 – 40,000. I know in no time the price would still go up.

  • Chai tecno will not finish my moni . Different types of phone. M using tecno camon c8. Now u hav phantom 5. Now m hearing c9.

  • since C8 is close to 30,000 in Nigeria and according to the details above it is similar to that of the C8 it just a little add features while not come to standard price of 35-38,000 Naira and no more features should be added features like 4GB RAM and unscracthable screen. I’ll be grateful if my request will be granted pls.

  • Am using tecno c8 and will like to change it to c9, kindly make it affordable is too expensive

  • tecno should let it be affordable for purchase at least between 40,000 to 45,000. and the should make the screen in a way it will not be scratch even with knife.

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