Tecno Phantom 6 Specifications & Price In Nigeria

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Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Tecno Phantom 6 Price In Nigeria is within the range of #100,000 – #120,000. Find out more about the specifications and features.






Tecno Phantom 6 is the 2016 flagship smartphone from TECNO mobile and their best device till date.  The specifications include a 5.5 inch display , 3GB RAM , 18MP back camera and a 2700mAh battery. Here’s everything you need to know :


Here Are Some Quick Details About Tecno Phantom Series

Product History : Tecno Mobile launched the “Phantom” as a name to represent their best smartphone for the year.

It dates back to 2013 when the Phantom A (F7) was unveiled and TECNO continued on that path with the launch of Phantom Z , Z mini , last year’s Phantom 5 and the new Tecno Phantom 6

  • Launch Date : Announced September 2016.
  • Product Line : “Phantom Series”
  • Major Improvement : Design Overhaul , New Operating System , New user interface (HiOs) , More RAM , Better Battery , Fingerprint Scanner , Iris scanner
  • Price Range : #100,000 – #120,000
  • Price Rating : HIGH —– (Expensive)


Tecno Phantom 6 Specs Sheet (Key Details)





These are the Confirmed Tecno Phantom 6 Specs , Featuring a 5.5 inch screen  , 3GB RAM , Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 2700mAh battery.


  • SIM Type: Dual SIM
  • Network :  2G/3G/4G LTE
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HiOs
  • Display: 5.5 AMOLED Touchscreen
  • Dimension : 151.5 x 75.5 x 6.15mm
  • Build: Nano-Molded body with Aluminium Alloy Framework that is 6.15mm slim
  • Colours: Champagne Gold
  • Weight : N/A
  • Processor Type: 2.0GhZ Octa-core MediaTek Chipset
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Internal Storage: 32GB
  • External Storage: Yes , up to 128GB
  • Back Camera : 13MP AF + 5MP SONY IMX 258 Dual Back Camera with LED
  • Camera Features : 8% more HDR , 10% Less Noise , Ture tone flash , 180 degree wide viewing , Super Zoom , New Panorama , Night Pro
  • Front Camera : 8MP with Front flash
  • Battery: 2700mAh (Non-removable)
  • USB TYPE-C : Yes , with Light speed charge
  • Security : Iris scanner 2.0



Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Specs Sheet (Key Details)






These are the Confirmed Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Specs , Featuring a 6.0 inch screen  , 4GB RAM , Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 4050mAh battery.


  • SIM Type: Dual SIM
  • Network: 2G/3G/4G LTE
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HiOs
  • Display: 6.0 FHD LTPS capacitive touchscreen
  • Dimension : 160.35 x 83.46 x 7.7mm
  • Build: Full Metal
  • Colours: Champagne Gold
  • Weight : N/A
  • Processor Type: Deca-core 4x 2.5 GHz + 4x 2.0 GHz + 2x 1.4GHz MediaTek Helio x20 Chipset (saves 30% battery life)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Internal Storage: 64GB
  • External Storage: No (Hybrid SIM)
  • Back Camera : 21MP SONY IMX 230 Camera with Dual Flash
  • Camera Features : Super light sensitive , excellent in collecting and processing light
  • Front Camera : 8MP with Front flash
  • Battery: 4050mAh (Non-removable)
  • Security : Fingerprint  & iris scanner 2.0
  • USB TYPE-C : YES , with light speed


  • Jumia Nigeria – Tecno Phantom 6 Plus-




From the details above , its obvious that a lot of effort went into the design and overall specifications of this device. Here’s what’s new on the Tecno Phantom 6 :

1. Two Variants : 

This year , TECNO Mobile launched two variants of this device ; The Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus. Both smartphones differ in their screen size and internal specifications.




Phantom 6 Plus is the bigger smartphone , with a 6.0 inch FHD LTPS Capacitive touch screen 4GB RAM , 64GB Storage and 4050mAh battery.

On the other hand  , the Phantom 6 is smaller than the 6 Plus , and has a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen , 3GB RAM , 32GB internal storage and 2700mAh battery.

2.  A 5 Layer Metal Design :

One of the unique selling point of the new Tecno Phantom 6 is its incredible design and slim body ; totally different from what we saw on the Phantom 5 .

Tecno Phantom 6  has a 5 layer Full metal body to provide more durability. The back is slightly curved to enable a more firm grip.





Each layer adds a unique element to the overall appearance of the device. From bottom up, the body is made up of a Nano molding seamless metal unibody, a firm fastener, a non-detachable battery design , and an aluminum magnesium alloy frame. The corning gorilla glass v3.0 helps protect the screen from scratch and cracks from heavy falls.

3. High-End Camera :

If you love pictures , the Phantom 6 (and 6 Plus) will definately interest you because it comes with world class camera sensors manufactured by SONY.

The camera setup on the Phantom 6 is a little bit sophisticated and different from what we’re used to.

Tecno Phantom 6 comes with 18MP back camera , however , the camera was split into two different sensors ; one with 13MP and the other with 5MP resolution , making a total of 18MP.

The 13MP camera detects the view  , while the 5MP camera provides more depth and clarity to the picture.

If we can recall , this same camera setup was used on the Huawei P9 and the iPhone 7 Plus smartphone.

For taking selfies & videos , the Phantom 6 relies on an 8MP front camera with LED flash.






On the other hand , the Phantom 6 Plus has a single back camera with 21MP resolution , while the front camera has a resolution of 8MP , with LED Flash.

4. Improved Hardware & Faster Processor :

In terms of hardware , the Phantom 6 Plus has a more powerful processor than the phantom 6. It uses a Deca-core MediaTek Helio X20 chipset , which is very fast and battery efficient. MediaTek revealed that the Helio X20 chipset saves battery by 30% , despite its high performance.

Along side this powerful chipset , the Phantom 6 Plus relies on 4GB RAM for effective multitasking , and 64GB ROM for data storage. However , it is important to know that the Phantom 6 Plus DOES NOT come with an external SD card slot. Instead , it comes with an Hybrid SIM setup , which means that you can choose to use one of the sim slots as a memory card slot.

As for the Phantom 6 , it uses a 2.0 Ghz MediaTek chipset for information processing , 3GB RAM for multitasking , and 32GB ROM for media storage. If you want more space , there’s an external SD card slot of up to 128GB.

5. Better Security :

Smartphone security is really important because our personal information will be at risk if hacked. The Phantom 6 provides a biometric iris scanner which scans you eyes before unlocking the device. And if you want more security , you can get the Phantom 6 Plus which comes with both the iris scanner and a fingerprint reader at the back.

6. Android 6.0 Marshmallow :

Both devices run on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system , along side TECNO’s custom User Interface called HiOs.




HiOs provides better customization , and a collection of themes and wallpapers to choose from.


The Tecno Phantom 6 (and 6 Plus) supports USB TYPE-C port which allows for reversible plug orientation, fast charging and data transfer from Phantom 6 to other devices. This is the first time a technology like this is used on a TECNO device.

8. Battery Life :

In terms of battery , the Phantom 6 has a lesser battery capacity than we expected. It comes with a 2700mAh battery with rapid charge. The battery should take you through at least 7 hours of heavy usage.

On the other hand , the Phantom 6 Plus comes with a 4050mAh battery which should take you a full day of heavy usage without recharge.


Tecno Phantom 6 Plus v Phantom 6

I’m sure by now you’re wondering the difference between the Phantom 6 plus and the Phantom 6.

Both devices are different and similar in many ways :

  1. Phantom 6 Plus comes with a bigger Screen
  2. 6 Plus has more RAM than the Phantom 6
  3. Phantom 6 plus comes with both fingerprint scanner and iris scanner , while phantom 6 supports iris scanner
  4. The Phantom 6 uses an Octa-core processor , while the Phantom 6 Plus is powered by a Deca-core chipset
  5. Tecno Phantom 6 ships with 32GB storage , Phantom 6 Plus has 64GB storage
  6. A 4050 mAh battery powers the Phantom 6 Plus , while the Phantom 6 is powered by a 2700mAh battery.

For better illustration , we created a chart showing the spec of the Phantom 5 , 6 & 6 Plus. View below (If you’re on mobile , click on image to download or view full size) :





Should You Buy Or Not?

If you’re using the Phantom 5 and thinking of upgrading to the Phantom 6 , Here’s what i think about this device :

Firstly , i’ld like to commend TECNO for a job well done. From what i heard , it took them over 400 days (almost 2 years) to design and put together the Phantom 6 ; and its really beautiful. Its obvious that they listened to the wish of the fans , and produced a much more better device than the Phantom 5.

Phantom 6 is beautiful all round. Good specs and an outstanding camera. However , i’m a little bit concerned about the battery life. I can’t help but wonder why such a powerful device as this would come with a mere 2700mAh battery which may not last up to 12 hours heavy usage.

On the other hand , the Phantom 6 plus looks like a more “perfect” device , and the 4050mAh battery is a huge positive. However , it dosen’t come with a dedicated SD card slot , but you can choose to use one of the sim slots as a memory card holder.

For me , i think the Phantom 6 Plus will be able to compete with other high-end flagship devices in the market. i don’t see why not.

So , should you buy?

Yes!. Definately. There’s a lot of improvement here , and i think it is worth the money.

If you have enough cash , i’ld suggest you get the Phantom 6 Plus instead of the normal Phantom 6 , because the Phantom 6 plus has better specs and the battery life is really huge for a device of this magnitude.


Tecno Phantom 6 Price In Nigeria

Tecno Phantom 6 Price In Nigeria is expected to start at #100,000 , while the 6 Plus is more expensive , and will start at about #120,000. Both devices will be available on Online Merchants and Offline stores such as Slot , 3CHUB , Omegatron and many more.

Important! : Please note that due to market forces beyond our control , the price may change as time goes by.

  • Jumia Nigeria – Tecno Phantom 6 Plus-

Now over to you , what do you think of the Tecno Phantom 6? Is it a hit or a miss? Will you spend so much on a TECNO device? Let us know what you think.

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  • hmmmmmmmm tecno tried a lot in producing these great phones phantom 6and6plus but can you guys explain the external SD card very well for us because I don’t want to make the mistake I made in buying tecno L8 I bought that does not have external SDcardoooo can techno management explain it to us very well whether phantom 6plus has external SD card that one can download anything of his choice straight instead of going to inbuilt phone memory in case of flashing the phone whenever it contact virus so that one cannot lose his or her precious videos and pictures please do the explanation here and on Facebook, Twitter, instergram, etc to the world to know please before I can buy it because I like the 6plus

  • I am more than impressed with the USB Type C of this phone. I still can’t believe its possible to use a phone to charge other phones. This is so ultra cool.

  • Well, I can see alot saying the 2700mAh battery capacity of phantom 6 is a let down, even admin suggested it could have been higher, but the deal is that the Amoled technology of the phantom 6 optimizes battery unlike IPS of 6plus, hence, the p6 outperforms the P6plus.

  • wow, appreciate this phone I am very sure that this phone is excellent I wish to buy it this January, 25 by grace of God I will success

  • It looks like some folks don’t know how to read don’t u see that d battery life is 4050mah camera is 21 mp front camera and 8mp back camera all has flash light the 13mp nd 5mp is for the phantom 6 not phantom 6 plus read well before u comment

  • I’ve checked out this two phones in the market… I think Phantom 6 has a beautiful color display than Phantom 6 plus. There is a pretty color display on 6 that catch my eyes however beyond any shadow of doubt I think Phantom 6 plus is ideal but Phantom 6 is still my no 1 choice .

  • Phantom 6plus is vry Beautiful but d price is not for man in dis Buhari time.
    So Admin pls Reduce d Price Plzzzz….!

  • The price is great as well. Yes Nigeria is in “recession” but to say they didn’t consider us is a bit harsh, way too harsh. Look at Apple’s iphone 7, it’s as expensive as ever and people (Nigerians) still own the phone. The Phantom 6 goes for around 80-90k, fair enough if you ask me. What we should be saying is that we can’t afford it, in that case ALAYE DOUBLE YOUR HUSTLE!!!! :p

  • I’ll be honest. The Phantom 6, the beauty is as good as they come. Can’t have a very bulky battery when you’re trying to be the slimmest phone, which is what it is. The phone has a very beautiful design for starters, the battery is actually good as well, 2700mAh isn’t bad and also considering how fast it dies and how the AMOLED screen helps the battery life, same with the processor. WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!

  • Wow all this talk about the phon being expensive. Lol Naija sha, shey make them kuku just dash us the phone? :/

  • I have this problem on both my Camon C9 and my Phantom 6 whenever i download or copy movie or music it rather stick to the internal memory instead of the SD card which i have opted for, do i need any app to make this work as i want it to be, need help is this my only or is this how TECNO made their phones to the customers

  • tecno phantom 6plu now is really the phone everyone wants, the tecno brand has really don well and its a good thing because this phone is soo good and yet not expensive

  • @iamada ,

    Its a global trend. Manufacturers will never make a “Perfect Phone” because they want you to keep changing your smartphone. That way , they keep on making money.

  • But hollon oo..what prevents these guys from just making one with all these features and at an affordable price.
    why bring in one phone (call it Phantom 1), modify it a bit by adding a single feature (term it Phantom 2), modify the most recent by adding another feature and give it another price…What a rip off.

    This happened with our electronics (television), LED, LAD, LCD bla bla bla bla. mtchewwww

  • Wanna be among the first guys to launch the Beauty or the Beast? Hola me by whatsapp, text or call @07067597300…..Its pay on delivery.

  • Great preview. the phone is out already. the sleeky nature of the 6 is awesome. the battery size is 2700 bcos of the AMOLED SCREEN. the screen consumes less energy where as 6+ comes with LTPS capacitive screen. However the price is not for common man again.

  • Mostimes, these phone manufacturer’s take Nigerians for fools, … they bring anything with any name and any price, they call it flagship and it goes. We are in recession,they should b drastically considerate or …

  • the phone is dope but the price is not affordable. so I want to use this medium to beg the management of tecno to please reduce the price of all their smart phones to users like me.

  • I must get one so please lemme know when you have 6+ in stock. But bring the price down so that it can take over the market completely from iPhone and all others. I love techno just like my Barca

  • Hi ,

    Tecno phantom 6 plus has 4050mAh battery and it is almost as slim as the Phantom 6.

    So there’s to excuse for the Phantom 6 not to have at least 3500mAh battery.

    And before you compare the iPhone 7 with Phantom 6 , Know that iOS is not the same as Android.


  • The 2700 mAh battery is equipped with a fast charging system. Check the specs sheet very well. The phone is meant to be thin and light weight, why put a bulky battery on it to make it heavy? Even the iPhone 7 battery is 2900mAh.

  • It’s supper but the price is very high,please bring it down so that we can afford it due to the economic meltdown we have in the country..

  • Abeg battery extention or increase plus affordable price for tecno fans if not so, tecno will be forced to sell below average price because this recession is biting harder. I have said my own

  • These issue of ” insufficient memory” each time i tried to download an app or update or want to take picture, even when i have enough memorries in phone and Sd card, is the only reason that made me dropped Techno and don’t want to use it.
    I don’t known if these newer once Will still have that same problem. Otherwise Techno is a good and strong phone to use.


  • bullshit so expensive and it as a small battery. full hd resolution. tecno cant complete with samsung oh. qhd display on samsung phone will break tecno. samsung note 5 battery is big and camera is d best. do waste ur money buy note 4

  • who want’s to buy a phone that’s as expensive as this with just 2700mAH battery. People, i advise you all, when ever you are buying any android expensive phone like this, always consider the followings:-
    1. The Battery:- if the battery is less than 4000maH, don’t buy. At least having 4000maH battery can take you for 2 days without charging it.
    2. The Camera Focus:- If the back-camera is less than 13 mega pix, and the front-camera is less than 8 mega pix, forget about it
    3. Android Version:- If this less than 5.1 forget about it
    4. G LTE :- If this is less than 3G LTE, forget it. Thank you

  • Phantom 6 tecno android is presently best of the brand’s product but the price is outrageous, considering the present recession meltdown the country is going through. I would really appreciate if the price can be made more affordable for tecno users like myself, and no spending so much as i did.

  • Hmmm is good……but author pls.consider the following.1.Battery increase 2.Reduction in it’s price.3.Water resistant.4.Front Camera.Finally how to identify original ones.
    . Thanks

  • 1) This is not a review. Its a preview

    2) like i said in the article , nothing is confirmed until we get official details from TECNO.


  • Total rubbish,you dont have an idea of phantom 6/6+. i think you should take a lecture for TECNO concerning the spec. rubbish,fake and cheap review for Tecno

  • @Emmanuel Etim, I’m not sure that price is the exact price, the device is not yet in the market though

  • The device is expensive o..i hope its all speculations sha..cos it’ll be sad to not be able to afford a device as hot as this

  • That price would definitely break a brother’s bank. Author, please, be sure your idea on the price is the feasible amount, abeg

  • Phantom 6 tecno android is presently best of the brand’s product but the price is outrageous, considering the present recession meltdown the country is going through. I would really appreciate if the price can be made more affordable for tecno users like myself.

    Thank you

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