Washing Machine Buying Guide In Nigeria

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Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Washing machine buying guide , types of washing machines , benefits of using a washing machine & everything you need to know.



When talking about useful home appliances , Washing machines cannot be ignored. They have become a very useful tool for washing and drying clothes , and are relied upon by thousands of people in Nigeria. Today , we’re going to educate you more on washing machines and how to choose the best one for your house.

Before we go into our washing machine buying guide , here are the common types of washing machine :

Types Of Washing Machine

As funny as it may sound , most people don’t know that there are three types of washing machines. Buy don’t worry , we will break it down for you :

  • Top Load Washing Machine
  • Front Load Washing Machine
  • Combo Washer Dryer


1. Top Load Washing Machine :



Top load washing machine is the most common type in homes in Nigeria. This washing machine allows clothes to be inserted & removed from the top ; hence the name “Top Load”. This type of washing machine is old and the new style is “Front Load”. More details below :


2. Front Load Washing Machine :




Front load washing machine is the new style in production. It consists of a circular hole right at the front which allows clothes to be inserted and removed ; hence the name “Front Load”.

3. Combo Washer Dryer :


Photo credit : Wikipedia.org
Photo credit : Wikipedia.org


The name says it all. This type of washing machines are designed to perform two functions ; wash and dry clothes in one go , thereby saving time. They consist of a single cabinet of washer & dryer , and come with a “Front Load design.

Any Difference Between The Three?

I’m sure you must be wondering if there is any difference between the three. Here they are :

  • Top load washing machines are old and not common in other countries.
  • Front load washing machines are more sophisticated and have better programs than Top Load.


Save money while shopping. Take a look at today's deals :

Benefits Of Using A Washing Machine


Every tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Same with washing machines.

Pros :

  • Different sizes for different budget
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Energy
  • Long Lasting (Depending on brand)

Cons :

  • Cannot be used without power supply


Washing Machine Buying Guide


If you’re looking to buy a washing machine , here are a few things you should consider :

The Size Of Your Apartment :

The size of your apartment is really important when deciding to go for a particular washing machine. This is not a problem for people living in big and spacious houses , as they can easily dedicate a room for this , however , people living in small houses will have to be critical of the size of washing machine they’re buying. A standard washing machine is roughly 27 or 28 inches wide and 30 to 35 inches deep.

The Purpose Of buying :

If you’re buying for personal use , you can make do with a small – medium machine. However if you’re a laundry man with a lot of clothes to wash , then you should go for a bigger size.

The Capacity of the Washer’s Drum :

After considering the size of your apartment & deciding the purpose of buying , the next thing to check is the washer’s drum load. A typical front load washing machine has a washer drum of 4.2 to 5 cubic feet , however , most top-load washing machine have a washer drum that is roughly 3.5 to 5.7 cubic feet , and this is because the agitator takes up most of the drum space.

(An agitator is a long plastic rod that connects form the bottom to the top of a front load washing machine)

Here’s a photo that shows a washing machine with & without an agitator. This will provide a better explanation :

LEFT : Washer drum with agitator -------- RIGHT : Washer drum without agitator.. Photo credit : Cnet.com
LEFT : Washer drum with agitator ——– RIGHT : Washer drum without agitator.. Photo credit : Cnet.com


Performance :

In terms of performance there are two things to look out for :

  • Water Efficiency
  • Detergent required

Some machines use a lot of water , while some don’t. Cnet has a detailed article on this.

Your Budget :

Now that you’re aware of the types & size of washing machines , the next step is to pick one that fits your budget. Washing machines are available on Jumia & Konga , and you can check their prices.


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