Sony Playstation 4 Price In Nigeria

Playstation 4 price in nigeria

Sony Playstation 4 Price In Nigeria. Here’s Everything you need to know about PS4 , and where to buy online (Jumia & Konga).

The Sony Playstation 4 is one of the best and most popular video console games in the world. It was released in 2013 and has recorded huge success , selling over 36 million copies worldwide. In this article , we’re going to take a look at Ps4 Pros & Cons , as well as price in Nigeria and where to buy.


Playstation 4 price in nigeria


PS4 Pros And Cons : Is It Worth It?


Ps4 pros and cons


There are good and bad things about playstation 4 , but is it worth the money? Lets find out.

Pros :

  • Great controller
  • Graphics are way better than PS3 (obvious I know but nonetheless)
  • Ability to record/screenshot game play
  • Netflix and other media services work great
  • Fast web browser
  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Great exclusives like the last of us, infamous, and in my opinion killzone is good too.
  • The console itself isn’t that big, its easy to fit in most places, and can stand up unlike the xbox one.

Cons :

  • -Its not backward compatible at all, besides PS Now.
  • PS1/PS2 classics are not on the store, but I heard rumors they will appear in the future.
  • Controller battery isn’t good at all, I usually have to charge it every day or two depending on how much I play.
  • The system lacks some basic media functions the PS3 has such as Mp3 playback, but such things are being fixed in update 2.0 so don’t worry.
  • You need ps+ to play online multiplayer, which could be annoying, but PS+ is worth it with all the free games you get access to.
  • The console is weird to hold, because of its shape. Dont get me wrong it looks cool, but I didn’t understand what to grab when I tried to move it.

Playstation 4 Price In Nigeria : Where To Buy?

Sony Playstation 4 Price In Nigeria is #100,000 and you can buy online from Jumia and Konga. Use the links below :

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  • i want to buy ps 4 one terabite on black friday.
    how much pls.
    alternatively, give me all the deals in respect of different ps4 specifications

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